Bombing for the bees.

Ad Campaign

AD: Amber Osmond

CW: Gurpreet Ghag

The bees are vital to the existence of healthy ecosystems but unfortunately, their population is still dwindling. & although every person has a reason to help, many campaigns focused on saving the bees tend to ignore 18-35 year old males.

So, in order to engage this left out demographic, we decided to host a massive

seed-bombing event done with drones.

As our drones take to the skies on World Bee Day to drop millions of seed bombs, people can partake in the event in one of two ways: by purchasing our custom seed bombs and flying with us using their own DJI drone, or by watching the event livestream via twitch. All participants will be entered for a chance to win a DJI drone.

Prior to the event is when our advertising will take place, which will ultimately prompt people to sign up for the event via DJI's website.

NBA Half-time Act: During NBA half-time shows, we’ll get our drones to fly over the crowd and drop some of our custom seed bombs for people to take home, along with a prompt to sign up for our event.

In-game advertising: Our drones would fly around in video games with our website displayed.