Must be 35 years of age or

younger to play.

OLG LottoMax

Student Work

AD – Amber Osmond

CW – Sean Kinton

While their parents still play weekly, Canadians under 35 aren’t playing the lottery.

Canadian inflation rates are at their highest in decades and Zillennials feel like the basics of adulthood are unobtainable. They feel like their parents' generation had a leg up financially, as young adults with a stronger dollar to their name.

So, to show Under 35's their dreams didn’t die with their parents’ generation we're age-gating Lotto Max, excluding Gen X and Baby Boomers from a one-time draw.

To create awareness, we’re putting price tags on real world things Zillennials dream about being able to afford, with the prices their parents' paid 35 years ago.